The first 2 workshops of the ACT! project were successfully completed!

Last month, the first two workshops of the ACT! project took place on 21.02.2024 and 28.02.2024. together with the other four (4) partners of the ACT! project conducted the first two workshops for cross-border cooperation on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), among students aged 14-18 years old, through the e-community platform of the project. The workshops were designed by project partner LeGO. 


Find out what happened at the first workshop! 

The first workshop, entitled “Let’s get inspired!” was held on 21.02.2024 (10.30 – 12.30 CET). The first workshop was attended by teachers, students, and representatives of the partnership from Denmark, Greece, Romania, and Italy. In the first phase of the workshop, the following were presented to the participants: 

  • The ACT project, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and what is expected to be delivered by the participants, by SOSU 
  • What is cross-border cooperation and the presentation of the e-community platform, by 

In the second phase of the workshop, students got to know each other and described what sustainability means for themselves and in the context in which they live, facilitated by FEG. In addition, participants took part in an interactive activity on the topic “The right to participate: Roger Hart’s scale of participation; the forms and languages of participation and civic activism.” by LeGO, and the activity on “Leadership and youth leadership: Focus on stories of young leaders for sustainability” by the Educational Organisation Themistoklis 


The third and final phase of the workshop involved the presentation of the selected SDGs by the students and their reasons for choosing them to engage in the next workshop and ended with an open discussion and questions. 

The second workshop! 

One week later, on 28.02.2024, and after the students worked on the Sustainable Development Goal they chose and presented in the first workshop, the second workshop took place, entitled «Let’s imagine! ».  


In the first phase of the workshop, LeGO introduced what digital activism is and is not and then students described what it is like to work together as a team and what challenges they faced.  

In the second phase of the workshop each group started to design their project following the guidelines they received and in the third phase the presentation of the developed scenarios for the tasks/challenges for each SDG were presented. The workshop ended with an open discussion on how each group, of students, can develop their task/challenges for each SDG.

The third and last workshop will take place in April entitled “Together we can ACT for our future“, where the students’ work will be presented, and we will discuss how the cooperation was and whether cross-border cooperation is a good example of cooperation.  

Stay tuned! 


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