Training in NGO funding

Online Training for NGO members.

In the framework of the European project Erasmus+ e-PATTERNS,, in cooperation with the project partners, implements a series of free online seminars for NGO executives, employees and volunteers on issues related to NGO funding and fundraising methods.

Subject of the training.

During the sessions important issues and practices related to fundraising from (mainly small) NGOs are discussed.

Particularly, the following have been analysed:

Training in NGO funding 3

  • Basic knowledge and skills that NGO managers working in the field of fundraising should possess.
  • How an NGO can approach donors and/or the public to finance its activities.
  • The procedures involved in implementing funding actions.
  • The techniques for the proper management of the resources needed to raise funds.
  • How can the executives of an NGO monitor the effectiveness of the funding strategies they implement.
  • The private and public sources of funding for an NGO.

Speakers in the seminar cycle are professionals and experts in NGO funding from different countries in Europe, and for this reason the training is entirely in English.

The contribution of

In the context of the training, presented techniques and methods for monitoring and evaluating the fundraising strategies implemented by NGOs. It also made the first presentation of the online self-assessment tool developed by the partners of the e-PATTERNS project, which is a very useful tool for those who wish to assess their fundraising skills.

NGO funding - epatters

Duration of training

The implementation of the training started on Monday 28.02.2022 and is expected to be completed on Friday 11.03.2022.

Participants will be given a Certificate of Attendance, while at the same time they will be given the opportunity to network with other small (and non) NGOs operating in various countries in Europe, such as Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Finland and Germany.

Those interested in participating in the seminar, which will take place on Friday 11.03.2022, can register at this link.

Stay tuned for more news.

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