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Vocational Education and Training, a smart choice for young people

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is an essential element of lifelong learning systems. This kind of education ensures the acquisition of objective knowledge and skill development that the labor market demand. But what VET means for young people and businesses and why it is important? Why young people in Greece do not favor it?

Vocational Education and Training increases the opportunities for occupational rehabilitation. Participants will not get typical academic qualifications but practical skills from which they can discover their talents. Personal development is achieved and the curriculum vitae of participants is enhanced, a necessity these days for finding a job. VET creates job candidates with specialized skills needed in each sector. Also, companies will benefit by developing and becoming more competitive as their employees enhance their skills.

Vocational Education and Training in Greece

In Greece general education is the primary objective, with few young people turning to Higher Secondary Vocational Education and Training. Only 29% of young people 16-18 years old follow the Higher Secondary VET in Greece, a much lower percentage than 49%, which is the average in the European Union. A large percentage believes that general education has a greater overall weightiness than VET and VET addresses to students with low grades, as obtaining a certificate is much easier. In reality, those who followed VET found jobs much faster, a fact that Greece is starting to realize. Nowadays there is a growing belief that Greece must invest in VET, as it can offer better prospects for vocational rehabilitation.

In a demanding labor market Vocational Education and Training can offer prospects for swift occupational rehabilitation

The helpful tool

The European Project Erasmus+ KA2 PROFI VNFIL, aims at creating a self-evaluation tool for the skills and knowledge of students of VET. It will give them the opportunity to prove that they have all it takes in the competitive labor market.

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