Being a Female Entrepreneur

Being a Female Entrepreneur participates as a partner to the new Erasmus+ Project (ΚA2), “Being a Female Entrepreneur”. Project focuses on the Cultural and Creative Industries sector, and the promotion of female entrepreneurship.

Main aim of the project is the reinforcement, support and guidance of women, especially women from vulnerable groups (refugees, single -parent families, etc.), in order to create their own business in the Cultural and Creative Industries Sector.


Who is it addressed to?

The project is addressed to:

  • Women from vulnerable groups, who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs in the Cultural and Creative Industries sector
  • Professionals/experts in Cultural and Creative Industries sector and entrepreneurship
  • Women’s organizations
  • Educational organizations which provide entrepreneurship programs
  • Public bodies related to the objectives of the project


Expected results

1. Digital Interactive Map of cultural and creative enterprises in Europe

This Digital Interactive Map will be a database with information on legislation, regulations and good practices of entrepreneurship in Cultural and Creative Industries sector in European countries. It will be a multilingual tool, which will enable women who want to create a business in this sector, to find useful information from different European countries. is responsible for retrieving the required data from Greece and other European countries and will participate to the development of the Digital Interactive Map.

2. ICT tool for (cultural) business self-evaluation

This ICT tool is targeting to women who are entering to Cultural and Creative Industries sector as entrepreneurs. The aim is to enable women to self-assess their cultural skills and competences, in order to become more conscious of their own capacities and, therefore, more critical and competent to participate in their learning process., will design, implement and maintain the ICT tool, with the participation of all project partners.

3. Social Skill Self Evaluation Tool

This Self – Assessment Tool will enable end-users to identify the social skills which they have, but also those do not have, in order to understand the type and level of education they need. The Self Evaluation Tool will be user friendly and accessible from any device. is responsible for organizing the procedure for the pilot test of the Self Evaluation Tool in partners’ countries.

4. Online Training Program

An Online Training Program will be created, targeting to women from disadvantaged groups, who want to create their own business in the Cultural and Creative Industries Sector. The training program will be available in English, Greek, Spanish, French, Croatian and Romanian. The chosen method to be followed is distant learning. will participate to the development of educational material and to the piloting of the Online Training Program in Greece.


Project partners

“Being a Female Entrepreneur” will be implemented by 7 partners from Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Croatia, and Romania:


1st Transnational Project Meeting

The 1st Transnational Project Meeting was implemented online on 4th November 2020, due to the inability of partners to travel, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Being a Female Entrepreneur 1

During the online meeting, partners discussed the details for the implementation of the project and analyzed the first activities which will be developed. Also, partners decided the timeline of the project activities.

Stay with us, to learn first the activities of this innovative Project!

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