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Co-Education in Green: Our new European Project

A new Erasmus+ (KA2) project started in October 2020, in which is participating. The project is called “Co-education in Green” and aims in promoting community environmental education.


About the project

Main aim of the project is the empowerment of adult educators in community education, giving emphasis on environmental and accessibility issues for people with disabilities. Thus, they will become leaders in their local communities and promote cooperative projects of transformation of shared spaces into greener and more accessible areas for all.
The pedagogical approach to non-formal community learning seeks to promote values of non-discrimination, active citizenship, integration in the context of diversity and protection of the natural environment.


Who is it for?Co-education in Green 1

The project is addressed to adult educators, who want to strengthen their competences on community education, environmental and accessibility issues for people with disabilities.
The tools that will be produced during the implementation of the project can be also used by the educational community (non-formal and informal education) and from those who want to participate in similar educational programs (adult learners).


Project outputs of “Co-education in Green”

The outputs which will be produced, during project’s lifetime, are the following:

  1. Interactive Database

The Interactive Database will be a digital tool which will provide best practices and information on how to transform shared spaces into green environmentally friendly areas, through collaborative and inclusive processes. The Database will be available on six languages: English, Greek, Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Moreover, a methodology for the creation of shared green spaces and implementation procedures will be developed by project’s partners. will participate to the creation of the Interactive Database and the development of the methodology.


  1. Online Training Kit

The Online Training Kit will be addressed to adult educators, aiming in improving their professional’s competences on leading environmental-oriented cooperative education, through the collaborative transformation of shared spaces into green accessible areas. The Online Training Kit will be available on English, Greek, Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Moreover, it will be accessible from any device. will participate to the development of the educational material and the e-platform, as well as in the pilot testing of Training Kit in Greece.


  1. Manual on how to create multisensory gardens

The Manual will be addressed to adult educators and educational centers and it will provide information and guidelines for the required processes for the creation of accessible multisensory green gardens. will participate in the creation of the manual and its digital design.


Project partners

Partnership consists of seven partners from six European countries:


Online Transnational Meeting

The 1st Transnational Meeting was implemented online on 9th November 2020.

During the meeting, partners discussed the project’s aim and objectives and the steps for the development of the project outputs. Partners agreed on the first activities which will be developed and on the timetable for their implementation.



Stay tuned for more news about our project!