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VET IN 3D is participating to “VET IN 3D: Social Inclusion, Entrepreneurship and Technology Enabled Learning”, which is a new Erasmus+ (KA2) project, started in November 2020.


The project

Preparation of highly skilled, motivated and digitally competent teachers continues to be one of the main priorities in Europe. Project focuses on the exchange of good practices on three dimensions of Vocational Education and Training (VET) excellence in Europe:

  • entrepreneurship education
  • social inclusion
  • technology enabled learning

Main aim of the project is to innovate VET provision in Europe, through an intense capacity building action addressed to VET teachers.

Specific aims of the project are:

  • Creation of more opportunities for VET organizations to exchange good practices and discuss about innovation on a regular basis
  • Improvement of the competences of the VET staff on innovative teaching methodologies
  • Raise awareness on three dimensions of VET excellence in Europe: entrepreneurship education, social inclusion and technology enabled learning.

About whom it is?

VET IN 3D is addressed to:VET IN 3D

  • VET teachers
  • Headmasters and staff in VET organizations
  • Mobility experts

In addition, indirect target audiences are:

  • Public authorities dealing with education
  • Business actors
  • Universities
  • EU institutions (including national agencies)


Project partners

Project will be implemented by 9 European organizations:


Stay with us to learn more about “VET IN 3D”!

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