EU Leaders’ team met in Cyprus.

The project.

EU Leaders project continues its dynamic growth. The project focuses on enhancing the competitiveness and productivity of businesses through the development of strategic e-leadership skills.

During the implementation of the project develop a range of digital tools is being developed for the assessment, development, and certification of e-leadership skills, in order to meet the needs of the labor market and supporting the digital transformation of businesses.

The meeting in Cyprus.

p-consulting’s team along with the project partners met in Cyprus from 08.05.2023 to 12.05.2023. The team was there for the Short-term joint staff training event and for their transnational project meeting. The meetings were hosted by Eurosuccess Consulting.

The meetings were attended by representatives from:

  • from Greece.
  • Eurosuccess consulting from Cyprus.
  • TUV from Cyprus.
  • University of Aveiro from Portugal.
  • Nefinia from the Netherlands.
  • CCIS from Slovenia.
  • WISAMAR (online) from Germany.

Learn more about the project team here!

The Short-term joint staff training event.

The Short-term joint staff training event was held on 08.05.2023 – 10.05.2023. During this event, workshops were implemented concerning:

  • the 2nd project result, e-leadership Model adopted within tech-based and non-tech-based organisations, but also
  • the 3rd project result, the EU-leaders’ high- tech course.
EU Leaders’ team met in Cyprus. 3

The transnational project meeting.

The transnational project meeting was held on 11.05.2023 – 12.05.2023. Partners discussed, in detail, their next steps for the development and creation of the upcoming project results, set the deadline for the smooth implementation of the project.’s team presented the draft of the 4th project result, the e-learning platform for Leaders and progress of the project’s implementation.

The next partners’ meeting will take place online the following days, while their next transnational project meeting will be held in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands after September.


The e-learning platform is almost ready!

Stay tuned!

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