GreenVET Project Kicked Off in Leipzig, Germany

Our GreenVET project had its kick-off meeting in Leipzig, Germany last week. The meeting lasted for two days and was organized by Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft, a German nonprofit organization that specializes in EU educational programs. Representatives from Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Finland, Latvia, and Italy attended the meeting to discuss the project’s objectives, timeline, work plan, and activities. 

During the meeting, we discussed several key topics, including: 

– Creating the GreenVET training curriculum and modules, which are the main outcomes of the project. We provided input on various subjects, such as sustainable food practices, green operations and facility management, and responsible tourism principles, to be included in the curriculum. 

Defining the structure of our online GreenVET Path: A self-sufficient learning platform designed to facilitate greening journeys for VET institutions, representing an innovative and comprehensive approach to promoting ecological responsibility within VET institutions, with the ultimate goal of preparing VET students for the demands of the green economy and the European Green Deal.

In addition to these discussions, we worked on different initiatives to support sustainability efforts at partner sites across Europe. We also helped to develop the structure of GreenVET online Green Skills Portal, which will provide free access to training materials and resources created through GreenVET by clarifying the portal’s format, layout, accessibility features, and translations into multiple languages. 

Furthermore, we defined key performance indicators and evaluation plans to raise awareness about GreenVET among relevant stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality education and industry sectors and we offered recommendations based on our experience and networks in Greece. 

As committed partners, our aim is to promote green vocational education initiatives across various sectors. Through active collaboration during the kick-off meeting, we made progress in developing the GreenVET outputs that will contribute to greener skills and greater environmental sustainability in the European tourism and hospitality workforce. 

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