InclEUsion so far featured

InclEUsion so far

The activities of project InclEUsion so far are being presented to the 2nd Newsletter of the project, which was published in January 2021.

By reading the Newsletter you will be informed about:

  • InclEUsion project. The European project InclEUsion aims to combat discrimination against immigrants with disabilities in the host countries. The purpose of the project is to empower the skills of educators participating in non-formal and informal education activities with or for immigrants with disabilities.
  • The project InclEUsion so far. The first output of the project, the interactive database, is ready. The online resource contains information and directories for adult educators to use as reference and guidance. The database contains information about legislation, social services, the national social welfare and protection system, accessibility and a list of support and mediating organisations in partners’ countries (Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Germany).
  • Next steps. The project partners are preparing the online training program for adult educators. The training program consists of six modules and the educational material will be provided in the form of educational videos.
  • Partners’ meetings. The COVID-19 pandemic affected the transnational project meetings, due to traveling restrictions. Nevertheless, project partners hold online meetings every month, in order to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

Stay tuned for the next activities of the project!

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