Our “Dropping the Baggage” project goes to Aveiro, PT

Our partners met in the brilliant city of Aveiro, Portugal, where tradition meets innovation. With a rich history in education, the city welcomed us and ensured our consortium had a productive and effective meeting. In this meeting, we finalized the last steps of the S.C.R.E.A.M. method and concluded all the details of its chapters to be released in the coming months.
Dropping the Baggage is primarily aimed at developing tools that will help teachers and other stakeholders identify, see, hear and recognize young people who are in danger of falling out of vocational education. We also intend to develop, test and implement a method of coaching and guidance that gives youngsters the needed skills to remove existing barriers by making them aware of the negative baggage that they are carrying and supporting them to make the obstacles the face portable and managable. When developing methods, we also want to explore the possibility of peer-coaching by experienced young people (students) within the partnership. Some of these experienced young people will be part of the partnership through partner organizations.
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