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How useful is ultimately the e-learning in the modern working environment


There are many times in our business life that we wonder what is the quality of a successful professional.


Is he born with a charisma or has he gained his skills throught work, during his professional path?


The answer to this question is certainly not easy, but the examples of professionals who succeed lead us to a conclusion:


Knowledge makes the difference.


How realistic is however, in a constantly changing labor reality somenone to acquire the professional knowledge and training that is needed, especially when the classic study options, are not feasible?


The good news are that also in the education sector, things have changed.


Besides the classical training and educational methods, we now have access to a very important tool that gives us many possibilities and options. This tool is none other than the Internet. We may have combine the internet mainly with entertainment and information, but out there, there are programs in educational platforms (e-learning programs) that offer the required knowledge and offer assistance in order someone can start his professional development.


Is it valuable somenone to invest time and in many cases money, to attend distance courses through an e-learning platform?


The answer that probably would give persons who have already attended a training program in the past, can vary. Perhaps the majority would answer yes, but the criteria for a targeted response is the following:


    • The cost. The cost to attend an online training program is low, or in many cases zero.


    • Results. The online training programs focus more on results and less on theory.


    • Interaction. The courses are much more interesting with the use of technology.


    • Flexibility. The e-learning programs give you the ability to attend from distance, straight from the comfort of your own hause, whenever you want, solving the problem of distance and lack of time.


    • Convenience. The easy access to the course material. By(almost) pushing a button, you have the files saved to your computer to read them whenever you want.


How, though, can someone distinguish the online educational programs that really worth?


    • Certifications. The professionals who teach the subject should have the required qualifications or experience of the subject they teach.


    • User’s feedback. The feedback of users who have already attended the program, is often very informative. The greater the number of comments, the more substantial the review.


    • The forum, groups or blogs of the courses. In all remarkable training platforms, exists a forum, group or a blog where questions are expressed and is taking place discussion on the lessons, giving valuable assessment of the provided product.


Whether free or paid, there are many options if someone wants reach specialized knowledge, business training, certifications, and also to learn new skills and knowledge. Knowledge is power and for the professional the e-learning platforms are the future.


P.G.A. & E.L.

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