Erasmus+ LOST2 Project: Advancing Competence Recognition in Europe

September 15-16, 2023 – Lisbon, Portugal.

The LOST2 project, dedicated to establishing European-level competencies for qualification recognition, recently convened its second gathering in the charming city of Lisbon. This event saw the convergence of essential partners and experts to engage in discussions that will mold the landscape of competence recognition in the years ahead.

1st Day – September 15, 2023

The day began with partners from various organizations converging to embark on two days of intense discussions. The event kicked off with a warm welcome by the Association for the Promotion of Competence Development (APCD), providing an overview of the organization and greetings from the management and participating institutions. The agenda was confirmed, setting the stage for productive sessions.

One of the highlights of the 1st Day was the presentation of the final version of the National Profile Survey under Work Package 2. Partners including SIULP, EUROMASC, SOS, SMILE, and APCD presented their contributions. The morning session was followed by a brief coffee break, allowing participants to recharge.

The discussion then shifted to the final version of the Dossier under WP2, presented by OMNIS and EUROMASC. Project’s management, financial progress, and scheduling was addressed by ARLAB. A comprehensive Project Review, which delved into work breakdown, project schedules, and partner roles across WP1, WP2, and WP4, was conducted by ARLAB and OMNIS.

After a well-deserved break, WP4 took centre stage, with discussions revolving around dissemination and capitalization strategies, as well as the LOST2 project website and communication tools. EfVET representative played a significant role in this session. The day concluded with an enlightening presentation by expert Joana Amaral Dias, a criminologist at APCD. The Quality Plan and Evaluation Plan, presented by EUROMASC, capped off the day, followed by a Q&A session involving all partners.

2nd Day – September 16, 2023

The second day of the meeting continued the momentum with partners’ registration and a focus on various work packages. ARLAB presented the final consolidated version of the Dictionary of Competencies (Dossier section 3) under WP2.

WP3 took the spotlight, with a presentation of the OPC Platform’s demo for online testing and digital modules by’s representative. Discussions regarding the integrated path between digital content production and platform development followed, involving all project partners.

A coffee break offered a brief respite before WP3’s work plan schedule and expected results were presented by OMNIS. ARLAB and EUROMASC collaboratively addressed curriculum design for the new professional and discussed the proposal of unit structures.

The day’s proceedings were enriched by an intervention from expert Louis Barry, a retired Chief Police Officer and Private Investigator specialized in missing people cold cases, adding a valuable perspective to the project’s objectives.

OMNIS led the final session of the day, breaking down work/project schedules for WP3. The meeting wrapped up with a comprehensive Q&A session involving all partners.

The second day concluded, marking the end of another successful gathering in the LOST2 project’s journey to redefine competence recognition in Europe.

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