Specialized Tourism Seminars: “Hotel Management Masterclasses”

A series of specialized seminars of the “Hotel Management Masterclasses” series will take place in Greece and Cyprus in the upcoming weeks. The seminars, which are addressed to hotel owners and managers, will be conducted by Dr. Dimitris Koutoulas, Tourist Marketing Consultant and Assistant Professor at the University of Patras, in collaboration with Travel Daily News, and will aim to deepen critical and topical issues in the hotel industry.

In detail, the seminar program is as follows:

Boutique Hotel Masterclass

Boutique Hotel Masterclass is one of the parallel events of the International Tourism Exhibition “PHILOXENIA” and will take place at Helexpo in Thessaloniki. The seminar will present in a very detailed way the appropriate specifications of a high-level Boutique Hotel and will explain how a hotel will achieve this goal step by step by creating an attractive, competitive and profitable product. We will also analyze the appropriate marketing policy to quickly establish a boutique hotel on the market. During the seminar, case studies of successful boutique hotels will be presented.

Hotel Strategy Masterclass

Hotel Strategy Masterclass is a highly specialized seminar that focuses on the major and difficult decisions that hotel businesses are asked to take. This will consider issues such as the radical renewal and change of the concept of a hotel, the change of course for hotels with no clear identity by rebranding and the creation of a new identity, the ways to deal with an over-dependence of a hotel on a single market or channel, special management company, hotel chain membership, as well as the management of the hotel management from current owners to the younger generation.

Hotel Design Masterclass

Hotel Design Masterclass will focus on the value of the hotel’s high aesthetics. All the aspects that define the aesthetics of a hotel and its use for revenue growth, such as architecture, interior design, photography and branding, while suggesting appropriate marketing ways for hotels that have given special emphasis on design. In the seminar, a lot of attention will be paid to avoiding the usual design mistakes that are being made during the construction of new or renovating existing hotels, as these errors cause significant operational problems and cost them expensive afterwards.

Hotel Marketing Masterclass

Hotel Marketing Masterclass will analyze in depth the most advanced techniques of marketing and explain the process of branding in the case of hotel units. The seminar concerns both hotels that generally want to increase the average room rate and thus their revenue and businesses that want to increase direct bookings by reducing their dependence on Tour Operators and OTAs (Booking, Expedia .ok). By implementing the modern and specialized techniques of successful Marketing, businesses can rebrand themselfs and achieve greater revenue and greater autonomy.

The seminars will aim to deepen on critical issues of the modern hotel industry, do not miss them!

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