Kick Off Meeting for the European Project SCORE

Kick off Meeting for the European Project SCORE

Today took place the first part of the meeting for the European project SCORE. The meeting started with the presentation of the Project, and the project’s objectives. The meeting was initiated by Mr. Apostolos Vadarakis from the University of Patras, who is the main Leader of the project, and was succeeded by Mrs. Dora-Dimitra Teloni, from the Department of Social Work of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. Mrs. Charitini-Maria Skoulidi and Mr. Panagiotis G. Anastassopoulos, from P-Consulting, then analyzed the main points of the Project.

After the presentation of P-consulting, followed the presentations of the other Project Partners. From Italy the organizations FORMA.Azione and Arci, the organization SOSU Østjylland from Denmark, and the organisations Errotu and Centro San Viator from Spain.

Issues such as the migratory crisis across Europe, the needs arising in local communities and the needs of people working with refugees on a daily basis, and how the Project will effectively contribute to a smooth co-operation with them were discussed. The training of personnel that work daily with refugees in the health sector and public services is the main project’s point.

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