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What is the difference between mentoring and coaching?


The terms of mentoring and coaching have come in business spotlight intensely over the last years, and this is no coincidence. With the guidance and help of an experienced professional, someone can obtain new possibilities and prospects that before not even imagined. Many times, however, there is a confusion about what exactly is meant by the term mentoring and what by the term coaching. Very often, these terms are identified as equal by some who mistakenly believe that mentoring and coaching is the same.


What is the difference between mentoring and coaching?


It is important to mention that both mentoring and coaching are equally important sources of knowledge and experience. The prosedures simply differ in their approach to the dissemination of knowledge and the improvement of the individual.


Difference #No1: Approach


Mentoring gives attention to the relationship between mentor and mentee while coaching gives emphasis on project completion.


If someone chooses the mentoring, will have the opportunity through his personal relationship with the entrepreneur, to learn and acquire skills within a protected environment that will ensure the knowledge and experience of the mentor.


With coaching, the prosedure focuses on specific issues and results and how these can be achieved.


Difference # No2: Time


The mentoring in order to be successful must be long term, since a key element is the creation of a relationship of trust and understanding between mentor and mentee.


By contrast, the coaching can be completed, when the objectives have been achieved. The coaching completion may take even few sessions.


Difference # No3: Results

The main purpose of mentoring is the gradual improvement and overall development of the person both during the mentoring, and during the rest of his professional career.

Coaching is based on the individual’s performance in specific tasks and skills, and when those skills reach the desirably results, the coach is no longer necessary.

Difference # No4: Planning


Mentoring is based on an strategically selected planning, which will gradually create a relationship of trust between mentor and mentee, and will guide the second.


Coaching with the creation of a simple plan, can begin immediately.


What training process to choose?


The choice between the two actions is not easy, and sometimes, it is not easily distinguishable, what the learner really needs.


Identification of needs.


If the person is able to specifically identify his needs, the coaching is appropriate for him. If someone does not have a specific need, but needs advice and guidance then mentoring fits him the best.




The combination of the two training actions are not prohibitive, but quite the contrary. The development of a network that includes mentors and coaches, is a very positive point for the development and progress of each professional.


So if someone chooses to consult a mentor, or prefers to be improved with a coach, if the selection is the appropriate then the benefits that can be derived from both processes are valuable and often critical.


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