coaching και επιχειρηματικότητα

coaching and entrepreneurship


When does an entrepreneur need coaching?



There are many times when even the most committed and active professionals need a boost and guidance to achieve professional and personal goals. The business activity may be likened to a race that somenone must have strength and perseverance to succeed. This, of course, also requires continuous effort and progress.


How can a professional be evolved and develop skills and abilities that will help him to enhance work performance?


With coaching.


During the process of coaching, the trainee (coachee) can become better and enhance his performance, with the guidance of an experienced and qualified coach. Through the process of coaching, coach can help in troubleshooting problems and challenges before these problems transform into major problems. In conjunction with mentoring, the coaching can be an advantage for a professional.


Why should I choose coaching?


With the guidance of a carefully selected coach, the coachee is gradually guided from his current situation in the state he wants to be, through the commitment to achieve specific objectives. Either through better time management, balancing the professional and personal life, stress management, career development or overall self-improvement, the coaching is based on measurable results.


Which are the main reasons that even the most successful entrepreneurs choose coaching?




The power of thinking of many, is far superior from the power of thinking of one, and in the case of coaching, the interaction with the professional coach brings new ideas and creative brainstorming.


Μeasurable results.


To set goals and commit 100% for their implementation, it is not always easy. But when someone shares these objectives with others, and specifically with his coach, their achievement is more feasible.


The guidance.


The guidance is one of the key parts of the process and probably the most crucial. By the help of a coach, setting measurable goals will help the coachee to modify the procedures that need improvement.




Self-improvement is the intended effect of every educational process. In the case of coaching, the alteration concerns both the improvement in professional and personal level.


Even experienced professionals choose at various stages of their career to do coaching. Evolution is a long process, and the need for improvement is equally important for both young entrepreneurs and the more experienced ones. Frequently, is made a comparison between athletes and businessmen, and is mentioned that, as a good athlete needs a coach to achieve excellent results, so does a professional in order to achieve business success.


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