MagicSens goes to Patras

1st Focus Group for MagicSens in Patras

MagicSens goes to Patras 1On 14 May 2019 and IBEPE SEV implemented the first focus group of the MagicSens project in Patras. The team consisted of teachers of 1st and 2nd Grade Education as well as special education and parallel support staff in the Region of Western Greece. The meeting took place at the premises of IVEPE SEV in the center of Patras.

Several ways have been analyzed that teachers identify Learning Disadvantages in their students, and the processes that follow. They analyzed the typical and essential part and exchanged experiences with each other. There has been a constructive discussion about the relationship between parent and teacher as well as the problems that arise in the system.

MagicSens goes to Patras 2

Our Teachers

Impressive is the fact that, while the protocol is typically quite comprehensive, its implementation can take several interventions to cover as many types of learning difficulties as possible.

even more impressive is the fact that teachers beyond the “Special Education” course at the University are not required to undertake any other training for learning difficulties …

MagicSens goes to Patras 3

So while the teacher can easily identify the type of Learning Difficulty in the student, he / she lags behind in skills and techniques for both learning and inclusion. Unfortunately, until today, there are no psychologists and social workers in every elementary school (something that will change soon, as their recruitment has already begun).

It is rather satisfactory, however, that the focus group teachers have an in-depth knowledge of what they know and what they need to learn in order to be even more effective in the ever-increasing phenomenon of having students with Learning Difficulties.

our teachers have in-depth knowledge of what they know and what they have to learn and MagicSens will give them this opportunity …


The MagicSens is an Erasmus + KA2 project and involves creating a flexible curriculum with techniques and good practices to help develop teachers’ skills in how to support and empower pupils experiencing Learning Difficulties. Participants are from Romania, Italy, Ireland and Greece, while has taken over the entire digital part of the program.

As a result of this discussion, new meetings are taking place during the start of the new academic year with the participation of even more teachers and special education staff and Parallel Support.

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