p-consulting @ Startup Europe Week 2017

Start Up Week 2017 took place in Patra at the  Achaia Chamber on Monday 6 of February 2017. The event was full of attendees, especially young people who wanted to listen to entrepreneurship hints & tips. A lot of subjects around entrepreneurship were on the agenda, but the one that intrigued more was the meaning of mentoring and its importance.

Moreover the Technological University of Western Greece team of students with the Formula PROJECT ONE, was very interesting!

p-consulting @ Startup Europe Week 2017 3


p-consulting, well known for its support to entrepreneurship and especially startups was represented by Panagiotis G. Anastassopoulos. By his presentation about «Mentoring Development» he elaborated on the subject of mentoring and explained the importance of it in developing a business idea, and most of all growing it. Intgen, an Erasmus+ project where p-consulting is a partner was also mentioned where the experienced mentors have already helped young enterpreneurs make their dream come true.

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