The crisis of missing people worldwide

Over 100,000 missing people worldwide…

According to recent statistics from the Red Cross, in 2018 the missing persons worldwide are more than 100,000. This figure is a negative global record, creating the conditions for a global unprecedented crisis. Therefore, the challenges, which organisations involved to researches for finding disappeared people, are constantly increasing.

New data sows that the age and causes of disappearances are different from country to country, depending on the social and economic background. Although it is not easy to identify the specific causes, it is now clear that social conditions play a particularly important role in the disappearance of people.

Data from Greece


In our country, the majority of disappearances involve minors and especially teenagers, as a large number of teenagers disappear each year, leaving the home where they live. At the same time, missing children exceed 40% of the number of disappeared.

According to police data, in Greece in 2017, about 263 children disappeared and 221 of these were found. From January 2018 to May 2018, 117 children were lost and 93 were found. A positive fact is that in most cases of disappearances, children were found, but at the same time, the disappearance rates are revealing.

The European Project LOST

The European Project LOST aims to fight the phenomenon of disappearances through the specialized training of professionals working in sectors related to the search of missing people. Through education, we can help combat this worrying phenomenon before it becomes a global crisis.

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