Quality Policy

Quality Policy 1

p-consulting.gr has determined and documented the current policy, its goals, as well as its commitment to the Quality of provided services. Responding to the needs of the modern and constantly altering business reality, while at the same time focusing on the improvement of its organizational structure towards offering the best customer service possible, p-consulting.gr decided to develop and install a Quality Management System, according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 29993:2017 systems.

p-consulting.gr’s main policy is the correspondence of the provided services to the company’s customers, and other interested parts, requirements, as well as the achievement of high quality specifications.

For the achievement of the mentioned goals, in long term, p-consulting.gr:

  • Constantly improves its methods and procedures,
  • Modernizes and updates the equipment used,
  • Assesses the risks and dangers, as well as the opportunities that might appear during the mentioned procedures,
  • Puts effort to quality excellence in personal level, as well as in constant improvement of the Quality Management System.

p-consulting.gr believes that success comes from the constant satisfaction of its customers. All the company’s staff acts towards the achievement of that goal, from the management to the employees. The development of a concrete relation with the customers, constitutes a vital aim of the company, and to that direction, indicators and goals have been developed, and monitored on a regular basis.

The Quality Policy is based on the constant training of the company’s employees, focusing on participation on its procedures.

p-consulting.gr’s aim is to correspond with the most Satisfying, Effective, and Direct way towards the customer’s requirements, thus providing the confidence that the quality indicators are achieved.

The Policy is reviewed on a yearly basis, or when it is demanded by an internal or external demand.

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