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AGORA is a 36-month Erasmus+ project, that focuses on creating learning materials for people involved in or interested in the tourism industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly reduced travel and mobility, impacting local tourism and communities. To adapt, tourism offerings have been changed to allow for remote experiences and encourage domestic tourism. This also highlights the need to consider the negative effects of tourism on local areas. Developing sustainable tourism has become crucial for the EU’s recovery from the pandemic. AGORA aims to help local communities by connecting community partners, local producers, and tourism agents. Together, they can regenerative tourism experiences that are authentic, unique, and sustainable in a way that benefits all.


AGORA project focuses on improving the way tourism is managed by involving local communities and promoting the role of learning centres. This means that instead of top-down decision-making, it encourages collaboration and participation from the bottom-up. The project aims to create better learning opportunities for adults, ensuring they have access to high-quality and flexible educational programs. By doing so, AGORA seeks to enhance the overall tourism experience and make it more sustainable by:

  • engaging and motivating adults to participate in educational programs by providing customized learning materials that suit their needs,
  • supporting adults in their learning journey by offering flexible formats, allowing them to learn at their own pace and convenience
  • enhancing the information available to conscious tourists, enabling them to make sustainable and regenerative choices during their travels
  • promoting networking and collaboration among community partners, local producers, and tourism agents, creating opportunities for individuals and communities to upgrade their skills and contribute to more sustainable practices.

By establishing new community learning environments, AGORA fosters positive changes and sustainable dynamics within local ecosystems.

target groups


  • Adults involved/want to be involved in the process of informal teaching or learning from community centres,
  • Associations / microbusinesses of local (food) producers
  • microbusinesses of tourism ecosystem
  • Adult educators (mentors, teachers, social workers, etc.)
  • Community agents


  • Adult education centres
  • community centres
  • NGOs
  • Communities wanting to design and/or promote their sustainable tourism products
  • Community agents interested regenerative tourism development


  • Key European Tourism destinations
  • Public local/regional authorities,
  • DMOs (DMO: Destination Management Organization)
  • tourist offices
  • Policymakers / decision makers in adult education and/or tourism) at local / regional / national level

The outputs of the project Agora are:




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