“Skills For Employment: Acquiring employment skills in adult education through gamification”

S4EG is an innovative European project, which will develop a new educational method in adult education going beyond the traditional way of education. Through the interactive serious games that will be created, instructors will be able to better approach the needs of their students and thus develop their skills. They will develop knowledge that will be useful for better professional opportunities, as this new educational method fully meets the requirements of businesses. This will make it easier for companies to distinguish their suitable partners and trainees will assess their skills to know which profession they will be heading to

  • The creation of the innovative education application “gamification”, namely education through serious games
  • Acquiring employment skills in adult education through gamification
  • The emergence of innovative educational tools and new technologies and their introduction into lifelong learning activities for adult learners
  • The development of the capacity of teachers and staff of educational organizations to develop this method in a curriculum with a view to improving the knowledge of learners
  • Understanding and evaluating the competences and capabilities of the trainees themselves through the process of serious games
  • The extension of 6 key competences of mildly qualified learners through 6 serious games
  • Motivating adult learners to increase their participation in remote open education by upgrading their skills and knowledge for better future professional employment.
target groups

Direct target groups:

Adult educators

Associations of adult organizations

Professionals/experts in adult education

Indirect target groups

Adult learners

Participants in lifelong learning


Other educational institutions

Social care and employment services

Youth organizations

Policy makers


The outputs of the S4EG project are the following:




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